Complete Projects, L.L.C. dba Royal Rolloffs Midwest Division will provide dumpster disposal service using our roll-off containers. Service will be provided on the day requested. You must call 4 hours in advance to cancel or you will be charged a $100.00 cancellation fee. Complete Projects, L.L.C. is not responsible for any damages arising from the placement of a container including but not limited to your yard, trees, sprinkler systems, curbs, driveways, pavement, landscaping, branches, etc. in the drop area during delivery or pickup. The truck and dumpster are heavy, they may cause damage. Renter assumes all liabilities for damage to any part of the property. Renter is responsible for damage to delivery trucks from items in the way of delivery. We DO NOT put in our Dumpsters in yards, Dumpster has to be on a hard surface (gravel, concrete or asphalt).


Appliances - Batteries - Blocks - Bricks - Chemicals - Concrete - Dirt - Lawnmowers - Motors - Oil - Paint Cans - Tires - Hazardous Waste - Animals or Animal Carcass - Oil - Yard Waste and Hot Water Tanks. (A minimum of $200.00 per item will be charged if any of the above items are found in the dumpster, even if someone else put them in the dumpster, you will be subject to extra fees and/or the items being left on premises.) Renter is solely responsible for the dumpster (damages & loading). Any dumpster loaded incorrectly can be dumped on premises.

Renter agrees to the following:

  • To acquire all necessary permits, if needed.
  • To assume all liability and responsibility for any damage (to include the full value of dumpster $7,500.00 plus loss of use) and/or loss to the dumpster while onsite inclusive of fire damage or collision.
  • To provide unobstructed access to the site upon delivery and pickup.
  • Renter can not for any reason move the dumpster. IF moved it will be a charge and cancellation of use.
  • To hold harmless Complete Projects, L.L.C. regarding personal injury, property damage and right of way discrepancies.
  • To grant Complete Projects, L.L.C. permission to leave container contents on premises for reasons listed herein:
    •  Non payment.
    •  If the dumpster is recklessly loaded or overloaded above Max Fill Line.
    •  If the dumpster contains unacceptable items.

The following additional fees may be incurred:

1. $20.00 per day over the 7-day initial rental period.

2. Charge of $200.00 per ton after 3 tons. Customers also agree to empty the dumpster if overfilled and/or to pay the charge incurred by Complete Projects, L.L.C. to have the dumpster emptied.

3. $100.00 minimum charge if loaded over Max Fill Line or loaded incorrectly. Customers also agree to empty the dumpster if overfilled and/or to pay the charge incurred by Complete Projects, L.L.C. to have the dumpster emptied.

4. $100.00 per trip for a dry run trip (if we can not pick up the dumpster for any reason).

5. Cleaning charge amount on a case by case basis (ie. graffiti, oil, paint, concrete).

6. $75.00 minimum to relocate the dumpster.

7. 1.5% interest monthly on accounts/invoices past 15 days of invoice date.

Payment in connection with the attempted collection of any late or delinquent payment of this invoice whether litigation is commenced, including representation in any bankruptcy, insolvency or receivership proceedings of renter. Payment for any loss or damages suffered as a result of renters breach of the Agreement, including but not limited to reasonable attorney fees and court costs incurred to enforce this Agreement. 

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