Frequently Asked Questions

Q.What is the process behind renting a dumpster?
A. First you contact us at Royal Rolloffs Midwest Division and let us know when and where you would like your dumpster delivered. Then, Review and sign the Royal Rolloffs Midwest Division Rental Agreement. The rental agreement can be digitally signed on our website at We can also email a client a copy of our rental agreement. In rare cases a hard copy can be hand delivered by one of our drivers. The Royal Rolloffs Midwest Division rental agreement details all the payment options, and provides a detailed description of what can and cannot be placed in our dumpsters. Once the rental agreement is signed and we have scheduled a delivery date, one of our drivers will deliver your dumpster. Once you have filled the dumpster to its capacity give us a call, and we’ll take it away!
Q.What is a “roll-off” dumpster?
A.A roll-off dumpster is a large metal bin that holds multiple types of debris. It is brought to you on one of our trucks and “rolled off” on to a suitable location at the site of your project.
Q.Is the cost all inclusive?
A.Our dumpster delivery company has an all-inclusive charge for delivery, pick up, and dumping based on a 7-day time frame. Rental agreements can be extended past the 7-day time frame at a rate $20 per extra day.
Q.Does the Royal Rolloffs Midwest Division deliver to my area?
A.See the “Service Area” link on our home page at to see if your project site is in our service area.
Q.Can Royal Rolloffs Midwest Division deliver a dumpster the same day I make my request?
A.We have many dumpsters, and fortunately we have many clients! In most cases we can deliver you a dumpster the same day you call. However, we have had occasions when demand is high. We will do our best to accommodate you and deliver the same day if possible.
Q.What is a suitable location for my dumpster?
A.The dumpster must be placed on a hard surface such as gravel, concrete, or asphalt.
Q.Do I need to be home when you deliver the dumpster?
A.No. If you let us know in advance a suitable location for the dumpster on gravel, concrete, or asphalt and you have signed our rental agreement you do not need to be present for delivery or pick-up
Q.Can I rent a dumpster when there is snow on the ground?
A.As long as the roads are safe to drive on, we deliver and pick up.
Q.Are there any areas that are more expensive to deliver to?
A.If your project site is outside of our service area (see home page for “service area” link), it is possible that we can deliver your dumpster for an additional fee
Q.What payment methods does the Royal Rolloffs Midwest Division accept?
A.We accept all major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. We also accept cash, and check upon approval. All billing is under Complete Projects, LLC., doing business and Royal Rolloffs Midwest Division
Q.When will I be expected to pay for my dumpster rental?
A.At the time your order is placed.
Q.What size are the dumpsters available at Royal Rolloffs Midwest Division?
A.We have 10 cubic yard dumpsters that are 8 feet wide x 16 feet long x 4 feet high, and 22.5 cubic yard dumpsters that are 8 feet wide x 17 feet long x 7 feet high. All our dumpsters have a 3-ton maximum weight load.
Q.What items can NOT be placed in dumpsters
A.A complete list of items that are not allowed in our dumpsters can be found on the rental agreement. However, the most asked about items include: Appliances, tires, yard waste, paint, and hazardous materials
Q.Will I be charged extra if I extend my originally scheduled rental agreement time frame?
A.Yes. As noted in the Royal Rolloffs Midwest Division rental agreement any extension past the standard 7-day agreement will result in a charge of $20 per day
Q.Can I walk debris and other items into the dumpster?
A.Yes. The roll-off dumpster has a back gate that you can swing open and walk items in. You can also throw items over the dumpster’s walls. When looking at the back of the dumpster the gate swings left to right. The gate is 8 feet long
Q.If I fill a dumpster and ask for it to be dumped and returned, is there another charge?
A.Yes, a dumpster is billed each time it is delivered to your project site.
Q.How much does a dumpster cost for one day?
A.Our dumpsters are the same cost up to 7 days. We can pick up sooner if scheduled.
Q.Do I need a permit when I rent a dumpster?
A.Not for most cities. We suggest if you have questions about permitting requirements to call your city officials to verify.
Q.How high should I fill the dumpster?
A.Always remember: “NOTHING CAN BE OVER THE TOP RAIL.” If you think you are getting close to filling your dumpster to its capacity, make sure that no items extend higher than the walls of the dumpster.
Q.What if I need the dumpster longer than 7 days?
A.After the seven-day standard rental agreement we offer a daily rate of $20 per day. We do not offer a monthly rate on a normal basis. If you have a special circumstance that will require you to have a dumpster for an extended period, please contact our office and we will make efforts to accommodate you.
Q.Am I responsible for the dumpster while it is placed at my project site?
A.Yes. Under the rental agreement you are responsible for any damage to the dumpster and any restricted items placed in the dumpster. Also, if our drive arrives on the scheduled pick-up date and access to the dumpster is blocked, the customer will be charged an extra pick up fee.
Q.What if I need to move the dumpster within the time frame stated in the rental agreement?
A.There will be a charge to move the dumpster. Also, please remember that once we move the dumpster you may not be able to use the gate again until the dumpster is emptied. Under no circumstances is the renter allowed to move the dumpster from its initial dropped location.
Q.Is there a gate?
A.Yes. The gate swings from left to right as you are looking at the back of the dumpster. Something to consider when thinking about a site location for your dumpster.
Q.Can the dumpster be placed on a city street?
A.In most cases cities will allow dumpsters to be temporarily placed on streets. Check with your city to see if you need a permit, or if there are any other restrictions.
Q.Can my neighbor and I share a dumpster?
A.Yes. The person who signed the rental agreement is responsible for all damage, contents in the dumpster, and rental payments.
Q.If Royal Rolloffs Midwest Division comes to pick up the dumpster and it is overfilled, or access is blocked, is there an extra charge?
A.Yes. The extra charge is lined out in your rental agreement. There is a $100 “dry run” charge if we can not pick up the dumpster for any reason
Q.Will the dumpster damage my driveway?
A.Maybe. The dumpster has metal wheels. It can scratch concrete or damage asphalt. It is advised to put down plywood runners on important surfaces. We can provide plywood runners, delivery and set-up for $75
Q.How much does the dumpster weigh?
A.Our dumpsters weigh approximately 2 ½ tons, and when full can weigh up to 6 tons.
Q.Can a dumpster be placed in my yard?
A.NO, and here is why. If the ground is soft, or if the ground becomes wet the dumpster can become stuck. There is also the risk of getting one of our trucks stuck in the unstable ground.
Q.Will rain or snow add to the weight of my dumpster?
A.Yes, these conditions can add to the weight of a dumpster, but most of the water runs out when the dumpster is picked up. If the customer has made an honest effort to keep the load at a maximum of 3 tons there should be no problem
Q.How do I know if the dumpster is loaded too heavily?
A.If you discuss with Royal Rolloffs Midwest Division what you plan to use the dumpster for we can give you a general guideline on loading.
Q.What happens if I overload the dumpster?
A.If you overload the dumpster, you will be responsible for unloading the dumpster. Other options are we can bring you another dumpster at the standard 7-day rate, or we can hire a contractor to unload the dumpster and pass that charge on to you. If no other amicable solution to reducing an overfilled dumpster can be found the contents of the dumpster may be emptied on the site of your project and you will be charged the standard pick up rate.
Q.Can I load the dumpster using machinery?
A.No. If you must use a machine to load the dumpster, we are not the right company for your project.
Q.Can I load the dumpster with Concrete? Dirt? Trees?
A.NO, NO, AND NO. These items require a different means of removal. Ask us for a referral and we may know someone who will haul off these items.
Q.Will my dumpster be removed automatically?
A.Yes. One of our drivers will arrive to pick up the dumpster on the specified final date listed on your rental agreement. You can extend a rental agreement at a rate of $20 per extra day
Q.When will my dumpster be delivered?
A.Dumpsters are delivered on weekdays between 7:00 a.m. and Noon range. The driver’s routes are dynamic and are based on fuel efficiency, so arrival times can vary.
Q.What happens to the contents of my dumpster?
A.All items in the dumpster go straight to the landfill
Q.Is there a list of prohibited items that I can put in my dumpster?
A.Yes. There is a list of prohibited items on our rental agreement.
Q.I have cans of paint I would like to throw in my dumpster. Is that ok?
A.You can open the paint can and let the paint dry, then you can toss the can of dried paint into the dumpster. Absolutely no liquids are allowed in the dumpster.
Q.Is Royal Rolloffs licensed and insured?
A.Yes, we are licensed. We also carry liability insurance, as well as workers compensation insurance. All our drivers are properly licensed and comply with all DOT requirements.
Q.Do you have customer reviews that I can see?
A.Yes, we do in Google Reviews.
If you have any other questions, please feel free to call us any time at: 660-238-6231

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